Old-fashioned house call, only better!

Welcome to Medi-Home! Medi-Home delivers convenient on-site, necessary, non-urgent medical services to senior residents of independent living, assisted living, and senior housing communities via a unique mobile, holistic and technologically-advanced approach to health care.  We have brought back the quintessential old-fashioned house call, only better, with the latest […]


Flu Season – Be Prepared

It’s that time of year again and frankly it’s going to stay that time of year for several more months to come depending on where in the country you live. That time is flu season. It’s important for everyone to be flu aware and take necessary precautions but […]


Cholesterol: What You Need to Know

What is cholesterol and why should you care?  Cholesterol is a fatty substance that is found on the inside of our arteries (major blood vessels) and it is important because it’s a substance our body needs. However, if you have too much of it or have an imbalance […]


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